Selangor aims to grow gazetted state forest reserve land

The state govt is currently looking to access small pieces of forest land that can be combined into larger forest areas


THE Selangor government will increase forest reserves in the state by another one-third by 2030, says Selangor Exco of Environment and Green Technology Hee Loy Sian.

He said the state government is currently looking to access small pieces of forest land that can be combined into larger forest areas, such as the Kuala Langat Forest Reserve which it managed to gazette.

“We will have forests in Selangor that have potentials to be converted into forest reserves and we will work to achieve this by 2030.

“However, the process will take some time,” he said at the Selangor Environment and Green Technology Small Grant handout ceremony yesterday.

Selangor has approved 128 out of 320 entries for the grant from various organisations and associations with an allocation of RM1.3 million.

The grant was divided into two, namely an environmental grant worth RM10,000 and green technology worth RM20,000 to recipients selected based on their objectives such as solutions for global warming, air and water pollution, flash floods, as well as the extinction of flora and fauna.

Hee said the programme is the state government’s initiative in supporting the state agenda towards preserving the environment and the main objective is to help communities to access funding for innovative projects.

“We should feel fortunate that the government is very concerned about the environment and sensitive to pollution issues.

“This programme can send an important message to the community to prevent environmental pollution and encourage people to maintain a clean environment.

“This programme will become a platform for public involvement to take action in maintaining the wellbeing of the environment either individually or in an integrated manner, both at the district, state and national levels,” he said.