Japanese film fest returns with more activities


FANS of Japanese films will be treated to 20 films of various genres from Feb 14 to 28 in conjunction with the Japanese Film Festival Online 2022. 

Organised by the Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur (JFKL), the films will be available on the foundation’s official website www.jfkl.org.my/events/jff-online-2022/ for free. 

Among the films will be Under the Open Sky, which depicts a story of a former yakuza; Ito about a shy country girl; Aristocrats which depicts the life of two women from different social classes; and Awake, a story depicting the rise of artificial intelligence in the game of shogi. 

Additionally, two anime Patema Inverted and Time of Eve: The Movie, two documentaries on sumo wrestlers and a legendary ramen chef, as well as a collection of all-time favourites from the past Japanese Film Festivals will also be featured. 

Akira Kurosawa’s classic hit Rashomon, which has been restored, will also be showcased. 

These films will highlight the colours and depth of Japanese cinema as well as the country itself. Malaysians and non-Japanese language speaking viewers can opt to watch the films with either Malay or English subtitles. 

JFKL also held events through their Facebook and YouTube pages yesterday at 8.30pm which included a sharing session between two Malaysian filmmakers Abdul Samad Hassan and Edmund Yeo, who discussed their favourite Japanese actors and actresses. 

In another session on Feb 17, celebrities Sharifah Amani and Sherry Alhadad will talk about their favourite films from the festival. 

There will also be a “Nihongo Quiz” throughout the festival for those who are interested in learning the Japanese language, where winners could win attractive prizes.