Activate two-factor authentication for extra security on social media – MCMC


PUTRAJAYA –  The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has urged the public to activate the two-factor authentication (2FA) as a security feature to protect social media accounts, instant messaging platforms and users’ password.

Through 2FA, users will be asked to enter a login code or special security key to access the account and will receive an alert anytime a login attempt is made from an unknown browser or device and will be asked to confirm the login attempt every time.

MCMC said passwords alone are a weak form of protection in cyberspace and are exposed to risk of hacking and access takeover.

According to the Commission, complaints on hacking and loss of access control increased by 55 per cent to 2,483 complaints last year, compared to 1,599 complaints in 2020.

“As such, the use of 2FA is more urgently needed, as the risk of hacking or account control can result in identity theft as well as fraud involving losses amounting to thousands of ringgit,” MCMC said in a statement today.

MCMC also advised the public not to click on suspicious links received via emails and be wary of telephone calls or messages from individuals asking to share social media account and messaging app security codes.

“Such sharing of special codes will only provide an easy opportunity to irresponsible parties to control users’ social media accounts or messaging applications,” MCMC stressed.

Further information on the 2FA can be obtained on Facebook- Login alert and two-factor authentication at, Twitter–How to use two-factor authentication: and Google 2-step verification:

Instagram users can browse, TikTok ( WhatsApp (, Telegram ( and Signal PIN (