The details of the devil


ANGELS could be weeping today as Muafakat Nasional, the union that a PAS leader once declared to be divinely blessed, heads towards an acrimonious end. 

Or maybe the PAS leader who surmised that angels cried out the takbir (Muslim call to prayers) which reverberated to all corners of the universe when the union was realised, was actually mistaken. 

Could it have actually been the devil and its disciples who waxed lyrical over the MN, in reality, a hellish alliance? 

The PAS leader should have probably kept his opinions on MN grounded and rendered what is divine, divine. 

Then again, a quote in The Witcher, a series trending on Netflix, may shed some light — “there’s nothing like a higher purpose to permit men to do the unspeakable” or in this case to say the unspeakable. 

However, if anyone cared to reflect on the route taken leading to Umno and PAS becoming signatories to the MN, their current spat and spewing of vitriol at each other should not have come as a surprise. 

For PAS, MN’s seeds caused the party to leave Pakatan Rakyat (PR) where it had partnered DAP and PKR. The move later split PAS leading to the formation of its splinter Parti Amanah Negara in so far back as in 2015. 

Even then, the narrative used by PAS to justify its decision to leave PR was in the name of Islam. 

The faction that opposed the breakup and later went on to form Amanah, were already accusing their opponents of playing footsie with Umno. 

In the run-up to the 2018 polls, it was a public secret that Umno, whose leader was embroiled with the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal, was strategising with PAS and there were accusations and speculations that the latter, including individual leaders, was getting handsome financial support from the former. 

The polls saw Umno’s downfall while PAS was confined to the Malay-belt states as in the past despite this time around venturing the length of the peninsula, giving credence to popular opinion that it was creating three-cornered contests in Umno seats. 

It was intended to split the Opposition voters and tilt the results in Umno’s favour. Instead, the opposite happened. 

Fast forward to post 2018 polls, Umno leaders, by now labelled as kleptocrats locally and abroad, faced the ignominy of being dragged to the courts to face the corrupt practises and abuses of power. 

PAS, accused of being a financial beneficiary of Umno was also placed under scrutiny in particular by a few of its top leaders. In other words, Umno’s taint was PAS’s as well. 

Then several issues touching on race and religion cropped up within the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government leading to Umno and PAS championing them and whipping up sentiments that the administration was dominated and controlled by non-Malays/non-Muslims. 

It then became the clarion call for both Umno and PAS that it was their duty to unite and stood up together to face the insult and threat on Malay and Islam. 

The MN was born. 

It did not stop there. Standing up to face these threats was insufficient as only the end of the allegedly DAP and liberal-dominated PH can ensure the survivability of the Malays and Islam in the long run. 

The manoeuvrings and deceptions took place. Adds-on were some greedy and ambitious Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia alongside disgruntled and displaced PKR leaders joining in to complete the cabal. 

Still sticking to the Malay-Islam narrative, what evolved was a crude display of greed for power and positions. 

As if the divinely-anointed MN was insufficient, another alliance, the Bersatu-led Perikatan Nasional (PN) was formed which, if anything, is merely a platform for political expediency. PAS, still a member of MN, joined PN but Umno refused to. 

The former prime minister (PM), from Bersatu, was a PN’s PM and when he was unceremoniously brought down, an Umno PM took over but Umno insists that it was still a PN government. 

Both PMs proved to be miserably incompetent and the Umno kleptocrats who masterminded the fall of the Bersatu PM, insist on not being part of the new government through the PM is Umno’s VP. 

Unattached, the Umno kleptocrats manoeuvred political schisms leading to the polls being called in Melaka and now Johor. 

PAS, left in the lurch while still holding on to MN and PN, realises that it had, yet again, been outplayed by Umno. Seething, its president declared Umno an ingrate that PAS had nursed to health when it was a lame duck only to snub it when it regained strength. 

It has been a tale of deceptions and betrayals and the reaping of what was sown. It was also a witness to what goes around comes around. 

There were never any angels nor anything divine. It was a pit filled with vipers where angels fear to tread. 

And only fools had rushed in. 

Shamsul Akmar is the editor of The Malaysian Reserve.


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