LLM instructs highway concessionaires to prepare for CNY traffic surge


KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 — The Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) has instructed all highway concessionaires to make thorough preparations so that road users can travel safely and smoothly during the Chinese New Year holidays. 

This is due to the expected increase in traffic on highways to 4.6 million vehicles a day during that period. 

LLM, in a statement today, said that all repair and maintenance works involving lane closures on the main route of the highway will be stopped except for emergencies only.

“All lanes at the toll plaza will be operating and additional lanes will be opened at toll plazas expected to face congestion. Additional workers will also be stationed to help ensure smooth toll transactions,” he said.

The LLM Traffic Management Centre will operate round the clock, it said, adding that highway users can obtain traffic situation information or assistance by contacting the LLM Traffic Management Centre at 1-800-88-7752.

Information on traffic conditions can also be obtained through its official Facebook page, Malaysian Highway Authority, or on Twitter @LLMinfotrafik.