MyPentas introduces plan to monetise local talents

It connects artists, content creators and fans together in a borderless and interactive performing arts space, being a pioneering digital experience of its kind 

by AZALEA AZUAR  / Pic Source: MyPentas’ Facebook 

MALAYSIA’S first arts and entertainment platform MyPentas has introduced its content and partnership plan “Monetise with MyPentas 2022” to help the local music, comedy, dance and theatre community. 

The platform was built and conceptualised by Twenty30 Digital Sdn Bhd which aims to promote the sector through digitalisation. 

It also connects artists, content creators and fans together in a borderless and interactive performing arts space, being a pioneering digital experience of its kind. 

According to Twenty30 Digital chief digital officer Muralee Pillay, their plan has always been about promoting individual artists where they do it every month on the platform. 

“Every month, when we do a promotion, we feature one artist, but now if there’s a concert that we do, like recently for the Malaysia Day Concert, the promotion was done almost on a weekly basis. 

“It is not above promotion; it is always the individual artists or the latest artists that have come onto the platform and we will feature or promote that particular artist,” he spoke during the press conference during the launch of Monetise with MyPentas. 

When an artist uploads their content to MyPentas, it must remain for a minimum of one month. They can choose when they want to remove the video. 

Not only do they promote the individual artists but also their concerts as well. 

“We are being very transparent on how this works when it’s a pay per view video but right now all transactions and our payment gateway is with iPay88 where all transactions and purchases records are shared with the particular artist. 

“We take screenshots of the transaction and share it with the artists,” Muralee explained. 

Right now, he does not encourage artists to post music videos as they are required to sign a content release agreement and MyPentas prefers live recordings. 

“What we did with Joanne Kam came when she had her show, we approached her to do the recording of her show so we actually did the recording of the show and the content would be available on MyPentas only for a timeframe which will be ticketed. 

“For those who have missed her show, we will do the entire work from marketing and editing,” said Muralee. 

MyPentas is not only for the younger generation and digital-savvy but also the platform hopes it can engage all Malaysians with vibrant and diverse arts and entertainment industry, which taps into a variety of music, dance, comedy and theatre. 

It has also partnered renowned arts institute Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan and celebrated its achievement of having uploaded 100 videos within only 10 months. 

“For the past months, the team behind MyPentas has been doing an incredible work, collaborating across the industry in efforts to bring the best of Malaysian talents onto the platform. 

“With this modest start, we are thrilled to embark on our next journey and we are very excited to see how 2022 can benefit artists and viewers,” he said. 

Muralee believes that this is the year for brands, government-linked companies and government agencies to support them and grow their platform in order to showcase the best of Malaysia’s homegrown talents as well as reaching more than one million viewers per month. 

He said that there would be more exciting things in store this year such as a possible International Women’s Day showcase and a Hari Raya concert. 

The MyPentas app is also planning to be launched at the end of the year.