Cops to summon individuals who stopped cars on emergency lane of Temiang-Pantai Highway

by BERNAMA / pic credit: FB

SEREMBAN – Police will call up a group of individuals soon to have their statement recorded after pictures of them ‘gathered’ on the emergency lane of the Temiang-Pantai Highway, went viral on social media yesterday.

Nilai district police chief Supt Mohd Fazley Ab Rahman said in a Facebook posting, a group of individuals believed to be members of the FCCM-FC Club Malaysia were detected stopping their car on the emergency lane of the highway on Saturday to take pictures.

“We will call up the club head first and so far we have identified about 48 cars. Stopping and parking a vehicle on an emergency lane without a valid reason is an offence as it can pose a danger to other road users.

“Legal action can be taken against the offender in accordance with Rule 53(1) of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 which states that no vehicle shall be parked or left unattended on any emergency lane except in cases of emergency,” he said in statement today.

He said the violation of this rule is also punishable by a fine of up to RM2,000 or  imprisonment not exceeding six months under Section 119 of the Road Transport Act 1987.

In this regard, Mohd Fazley advised the public not to engage in any improper conduct that could endanger themselves and others.

He said the police would hold discussions with the Public Works Department and local authorities on a proposal to set up hawker stalls or provide a special place in the area for the public to take pictures.

Yesterday, the car club through its Facebook page uploaded several pictures showing vehicles believed to belong to club members stopped on the emergency lane of the highway in both directions to take pictures, as part of their recreational activities.