RM33.6 bil foreign purchase in national bond market: Tengku Zafrul


FOREIGN investors have recorded net purchases of RM33.6 billion in the national bond market, says finance minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Aziz.

This amount includes RM12.1 billion net purchases of Malaysian Government Securities (MGS), and RM19.7 billion for Malaysian Government Investment Issues (MGII).

Foreign holdings of Malaysian bonds increased by 15.1% to RM256.6 billion, compared to RM223.0 billion in 2020.

This accounts for 14.8% of the total market value of national bonds.

“These values ​​reflect confidence in the prospects of the country’s economic recovery, as well significant differences in returns compared to most developed country’s market bonds,” Tengku Zafrul said in the 82nd Laksana report today.

On flood relief aid, he said that the government has already taken proactive measures by providing a Malaysian Family Flood Relief package worth RM2 billion.

“”To date, the MOF has channelled an allocation of RM300 million for the Northeast Monsoon flood disaster 2021/2022 under the State Flood Disaster Relief Trust Fund or KWABBN,” he said adding that the first tranche of financial aid has been disbursed as early as Dec 28.

For Bantuan Wang Ihsan, the government has disbursed RM125.5 million so far, with Pahang being the largest recipient with RM54 million followed by Selangor with RM45.2 million.

On Wage Subsidy Programme (WSP), the Government has channelled a total of RM20.147 billion to 357,429 employers to maintain employment of 2,951,854 local workers.

“With RM600 million allocation under the Budget 2022, we are pleased to announce that the Government through SOCSO will continue the implementation of the Wage Subsidy Program targeted at tourism operators experiencing declining incomes by at least 30% of total sales or revenue in October 2021 until December 2021 compared to any month in 2019 until 2021,” said the minister.

Applications have been open since January 1 2022 until March 31 2022.

Employers from sectors and industrial activities that are not listed but still affected by the pandemic transmission can still submit an online appeal to SOCSO.

For more information, visit https://www.perkeso.gov.my/bajet-2022/sip-bajet-2022.html.