TikTok scales up to 79% users’ engagement during Ramadhan month


MALAYSIANS are anticipating a pre-Covid Ramadhan celebration. 

Through a recent survey conducted with 500 users, social media platform TikTok found that 79% of respondents are eager to ramp up celebrations and looking forward to shopping more for food, beauty and fashion. 

This also suggests that consumerism could be stronger than the previous year. 

TikTok South-East Asia marketing communication manager Imran Khan said it is encouraging to see the spirit of the festive season coming back despite the challenges of the past years. 

The survey also revealed that last year, 54% of Malaysians spent more time on social media during Ramadhan. 

TikTok gained a sharp increase in video views and videos created throughout the month with over 32 billion views in Ramadhan 2021 alone, a 28% increase compared to other months. 

“What we are seeing is that Malaysians are not just turning to online platforms for entertainment, but are also actively participating in sharing the joys of the festive season, publishing over 48 billion videos during Ramadhan in 2021.

“This presents a huge opportunity for businesses to tap into building conversations and connecting with highly engaging communities that gather and co-create on TikTok,” he said in a recent statement.

He also assured that response during the season was very encouraging, and hoped that brands would utilise the opportunity to stay relevant by identifying audience’s needs, in turn creating content that educates users about the brand’s message.

According to the survey, 57% users browse Ramadhan sections through online and offline platforms. Therefore, Imran encouraged brands to collaborate with creators in creating Ramadhan content and stimulate users’ engagement. 

“Nine in 10 TikTok users who saw ads on our platform took action, so we know that platforms such as TikTok do play an important role in helping consumers discover new brands or products,” he said. 

Imran added that Ramadhan themes revolve around family, celebration, renewing and giving, with popular hashtags like #SelamatHariRaya #BukaPuasa #BajuRaya and #PersiapanRaya that make the engagement trend on TikTok lively as well as increasing brand awareness. 

“Ramadhan joy can be ignited through festive and inspirational content, and there is no better time for businesses to embrace the creativity and spirit of the TikTok community and experiment beyond traditional marketing methods. 

“With ‘TikTok for Business’, our one-stop performance marketing platform, we encourage brands to leverage the tools available to them to be discovered and find new ways to engage with our uniquely immersed users,” he said.