Selangor contributes RM6.3b in exports for November


SELANGOR recorded the highest increase in exports in November 2021, contributing RM6.3 billion to the country’s total exports growth of 32.4% to RM27.5 billion in the month, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM). 

Chief statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said Johor and Penang took the second and third places with exports expanding by RM5.3 billion and RM4.4 billion, respectively. 

Malaysia’s total trade for November 2021 amounted to RM205.5 billion, up 34.9% year-on-year (YoY), with exports of RM112.2 billion (32.4% YoY) and imports worth RM93.3 billion (38% YoY). 

Mohd Uzir said the other states that posted growth in exports included Sarawak (RM3.1 billion), Kedah (RM2.1 billion), Sabah (RM1.8 billion), Pahang (RM1.6 billion), Kuala Lumpur (KL) (RM1.2 billion), Melaka (RM904.8 million), Labuan (RM692.5 million), Perak (RM254.0 million), Negri Sembilan (RM245.8 million) and Perlis (RM11.2 million). 

“However, a decline in exports were recorded by Terengganu (RM346.6 million) and Kelantan (RM42.5 million),” he said in a statement on the Exports Imports Statistic by States for November 2021 yesterday. 

Meanwhile, the five states that dominated Malaysia’s exports were Penang (28.2%), Johor (20.6%), Selangor (19%), Sarawak (7.6%) and 

Kedah (4%). He said these five states accounted for 79.4% of Malaysia’s total exports in November 2021. 

As for imports by state, Mohd Uzir said Penang registered the highest import figures with an increase of RM6 billion, followed by Johor (RM5.6 billion) and Selan- gor (RM4.7 billion). 

Meanwhile, imports by Kedah rose RM2.7 billion, KL (RM2.2 billion), Negri Sembilan (RM1.8 billion), Sarawak (RM749.8 million), 

Perak (RM533.7 million), Pahang (RM305.5 million), Sabah (RM260.5 million), Labuan (RM151.6 million), Terengganu (RM105.1 million) and Perlis (RM22.4 million). 

“However, imports decreased for Melaka (RM34.9 million) and Kelantan (RM5.7 million),” he added. 

Selangor remained the largest contributor to imports with a share of 25.6%, followed by Penang (23.3%), Johor (20.3%), KL (7.5%) and Kedah (7.1%), he said.