Number of flood evacuees in Johor, Melaka drops, unchanged in Pahang


KUALA LUMPUR – The situation in flood-hit areas in Melaka and Johor has improved further with a drop in the number of evacuees this morning while that Pahang is unchanged.

In JOHOR, the number of flood victims continued to drop to 3,161 people from 913 families at 8am, compared to 3,441 people yesterday evening.

State Health and Environment Committee chairman R. Vidyananthan said four districts were still affected by floods with 40 relief centres (PPS) in operation, with Segamat having the most number of evacuees at 1,246 people, followed by Muar (1,107), Tangkak (678) and Batu Pahat (130).

“Seven PPS have been closed in Segamat, namely Balairaya Sekolah Kebangsaan Mensudut Lama, Bukit Limau Manis, Kampung Chodan, Dewan Serbaguna Kampung Paya Besar, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Gemereh, Surau Al-Muhtadeen and Dewan Serbaguna Taman Sri Alam 2,” he said in a statement today.

He said five rivers were still at the danger level – Sungai Muar in Buloh Kasap, Segamat; and Sungai Pagoh in Kampung Olak Sepam, Sungai Muar in Panchor, Sungai Muar in Liang Batu and Sungai Muar in Bukit Kepong, all in Muar.

In  MELAKA, state Civil Defence Force (APM) director Lt Kol (PA) Cuthbert John Martin Quadra said the number of flood victims had dropped to 258 people from 72 families this morning, all housed at three PPS in Jasin.

In PAHANG, the number of flood victims this morning was 141 at four PPS in three districts, the same as last night, said the state Disaster Management Committee Secretariat.

Pekan has the highest number of evacuees at 66 people who are victims of the monsoon flood which began in the middle of last month, followed by Rompin (40 people) and Maran (35 people) which were hit by the second wave of floods on the first day of 2022. 

The Meteorological Department has forecast that there would be no rain in the three districts today.