Livestock breeder loses 120 cows in floods


SEGAMAT – Livestock breeder Tey Teng Swee took five years to build his cattle farm and in a few minutes everything was destroyed in the floods at Batu 7 Jalan Muar, near here since last Sunday.

In tears, the 60-year-old farmer said, 120 of his cows were still missing.

Tey said he did not expect the floodwater could submerge his eight-foot high cowshed.

“My workers and I tried hard to get the cows out, but it was futile because the area was already flooded and the cows were already tired as they had no food.

“We managed to save only about 20 cows by using a boat,” said Tey whose left arm was in a sling.

“I broke my arm while rescuring my cows,” he added.

Tey said although he managed to save some of the cows, a few died after that as they were already weak.

Although the Veterinary Department did help by providing food to the cows, he said, in a flood situation, the cows were not able to move in the water due to the strong current through the heavy water.

“I don’t know what to do now. The cows are still weak,” he added.

Tey, whose cows included the charolais, bali, belgian blue and brahman breed, estimated his losses at RM600,000.