KPDNHEP launches CyCORE to battle infringing digital copyright, piracy

by SHAFIQQUL ALIFF / graphic by TMR

THE Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) has set up the Cyber Copyright Enforcement Programme (CyCORE) to battle digital film copyright infringement or piracy of digital films on the internet.

KPDNHEP said the programme is implemented through the site-blocking method and content removal which is the fastest and most effective way of disabling digital film piracy distribution activities with the cooperation of strategic partners without involving the judiciary.

The ministry said CyCORE is also for local film producers to collaborate with more than 50 strategic partners including government agencies, e-commerce platforms, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in one platform for preventing online digital film piracy.

“This programme has three main objectives, namely creating a platform for cooperation between the ministry and strategic partners with copyright owners in curbing digital piracy distribution on the internet; assisting copyright owners reduce losses incurred during the launch of a new film in digital form; and increasing understanding of copyright owners’ role in combating digital piracy.

“The participation of this programme is based on three criteria: the owner of a local film work or joint venture (local and abroad); the work launched in an internet medium such as a platform Over The Top (OTT); and the period of intensive monitoring is for 14 consecutive days as determined by the copyright owner,” the ministry said in a statement today.

Since 2021, 298 websites have been blocked and 1,418 content reductions have been accomplished through CyCORE’s collaborative testing 15 films that have participated in the programme

KPDNHEP added that it also implemented crime profiling to any party suspected of actively committing an offense of pirate distribution of digital films under the provisions of the Copyright Act 1987 and drastic action will be taken.

“Through CyCORE, the target actions of website blocking or downgrade content is within 48 hours of notification by the rights owners to the ministry.

“Any party found guilty can be fined not less than RM2,000 and not more than RM20,000 for each prohibited copy, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or both.

“The ministry hopes that local film producers and copyright owners will take the opportunity to participate in this programme to protect their intellectual property from being illegally exploited,” it stated.