Pejuang supports unemployed, entrepreneurs from B40


PARTI Pejuang Tanah Air (Pejuang) aims to help 100,000 entrepreneurs and unemployed individuals, mainly from the bottom 40% (B40) group through its Pejuang economic movement programme.

Pejuang said the programme is to help the unemployed to find jobs and help the business community and entrepreneurs by digitising their business or skills, as well as providing a training and market platform.

“We have successfully digitised over 2,000 skills through the gig programme, registered 2,000 businesses and provided job placements for more than 1,000 people, especially in Kelantan, Selangor and Perak,” Pejuang’s Economic Bureau head Armin Baniaz Pahamin said in a statement yesterday.

On top of that, Pejuang also intended to mobilise its machinery throughout the country to extend help to more communities.

The programme was launched on Dec 19, 2021, as the party was concerned over the increasingly desperate situation of the people due to losses of jobs and sources of income.

“Recently, more than 60,000 people lost their jobs and the number of unemployed has risen to 860,000.

“We are concerned about their condition and welfare especially with the extremely high prices of basic necessities and the flood situation that has affected many people,” he said.

In collaboration with the Malaysian Economic Movement Organisation, the programme has begun in Selangor and will last until the end of next year or until the unemployment problem becomes less critical.

Armin noted that this programme was different from others in terms of its approach since the party machinery will come and offer help directly to those needed rather than the people who come to them.

“The party machinery at all levels will go out to meet the people in their parliamentary constituencies to offer assistance provided under the Pejuang economic movement,” he said.

According to him, the Pejuang Economic Movement assistance package provided four aspects, namely job opportunity, free skills training placement, business registration for advisory assistance and skills digitisation to generate income.

The job opportunity aspect is open to all citizens aged 18 to 60 years and does not require any certificate, while applicants with degrees or certificates can apply with different grades and salary scales.

“Since our target is the B40 group, to those who apply for a job through us, all travel costs, accommodation, basic equipment, transportation costs to and from work and meals for the first month before receiving their salary will be provided by the employer registered with us,” he added.

Meanwhile, the free skills training placement is for those interested in acquiring skills or training with two training categories provided, namely short term (in five days) or long term (several months or years).

Besides, the programme will also assist with business registration for advisory services, digitisation, marketing enhancement through centralised announcements and advancing the economy of fellow participants.

“More mini roadshows will be held to inform the wider community about the assistance we provide and for citizens who are more comfortable to ‘walk in’ to meet us,” he further said.