Most states greet 2022 with floods and rain

In Selangor, the high tide phenomenon is expected to start tomorrow involving Klang, Kuala Langat, Sabak Bernam and Kuala Selangor


WATER levels of rivers in five states are at dangerous levels primarily in Pahang, Selangor, Johor, Negri Sembilan and Melaka, due to the high tide phenomenon which is hitting the country.

Pahang has begun to witness the second wave of floods in Raub, since the first incident took place on Dec 18, 2021.

According to the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), several rivers in Pahang are at dangerous levels with an upward trend.

Meanwhile, in Selangor, the phenomenon is expected to start tomorrow involving Klang, Kuala Langat, Sabak Bernam and Kuala Selangor.

“The water in Sungai Langat in Bukit Changgang, Kuala Langat, is at a dangerous level but with a downward trend,” DID said in a statement yesterday.

Earlier yesterday, a riverbank in Kampung Rancangan Tanah Baru Bukit Changgang was broken, causing water from Sungai Langat to flow into the village and putting residents on high alert for the second wave of flood.

In Johor, the Central Brigade General Operations Force was deployed to assist in flood relief operations in Segamat yesterday, involving 31 villages.

To date, 1,950 victims from 491 families have been placed in 34 temporary evacuation centres (PPS).

The situation in Mersing had also worsened, affecting 104 victims from 27 families.

In Negri Sembilan, DID reported that the water levels of Sungai Muar in Rompin, Jempol and Kampung Berembang, Kuala Pilah were receding although still in the danger category.

As of yesterday, Melaka is the most affected state, recording a total of 2,500 victims placed at 20 temporary evacuation centres in Alor Gajah, Central Melaka and Jasin.

Additionally, the high tide phenomenon in Terengganu followed by continuous heavy rain is expected to affect 30 villages.

The state Fire and Rescue Department has been deployed to check on residents, especially those living near rivers and the sea from Besut to Kemaman. The phenomenon is expected to continue up to Jan 8.

Meanwhile, Sabah recorded 3,398 victims yesterday who have been placed in PPS all over the state involving Kota Marudu, Pitas, Beluran, Sandakan, Telupid and Paita.