MoE to announce decision on education reopening in Kelantan, Sarawak

by BERNAMA / pic by TMR FILE

FURTHER details on the operations of institutions under the Education Ministry (MoE) in Kelantan and Sarawak affected by floods or used as temporary evacuation centres will be announced today.

MoE, in a statement on Saturday, said further information would be made known after taking into account if the institutions involved were ready to resume operations.

“MoE also would like to state that this decision also applies for all educational institutions not registered with the ministry, including those under the purview of state governments,” the statement read.

Besides this, the ministry informed that the announcement on operations of its educational institutions for the third term of the 2021/2022 school session was effective nationwide, including those in Kelantan and Sarawak.

This is because there had been queries on operations for educational institutions in the two states which will now move into the fourth phase of the National Recovery Plan on Jan 3, the statement read.

It said operations for MoE educational institutions will begin on Jan 9 for Kelantan and Jan 10 for Sarawak.

“Operations and student attendance will be as announced by the ministry in its statement on Dec 31, 2021.

“This decision was made after taking into account the state of readiness of educational institutions in Kelantan and Sarawak to begin operations according to the dates they will begin their school session,” the statement added.