MB Inc unveils Perak’s TT5 Maze Park at Dubai Expo

The park will give Malaysians and international tourists alike an opportunity to learn about the richly diverse history of the tin industry, while having fun 

By TMR / Pic credit: tt5perak.com

TANJUNG Tualang Dredger No 5 (TT5) Maze Park, the latest ecotourism attraction by Mentri Besar Inc (Perak) (MB Inc) through its subsidiary, Amanjaya TT5 Sdn Bhd was unveiled at Expo Dubai 2020 recently. 

MB Inc CEO Anuar Zainal Abidin said that the firm was fortunate to market Perak tourism, which includes the TT5 Tin Dredge and TT5 Maze Park, on a global scale. 

“Perak was once the largest exporter of tin in the world; therefore, visiting the TT5 Maze Park will give Malaysians and international tourists alike an opportunity to learn about the richly diverse history of this forgotten industry, while providing hours of fun and engaging activities for all walks of life,” he said in a statement. 

Among the other attractions include the Historical Gallery that features artworks by local Perak artists, Stone Maze, Tunnel Maze, Bamboo Maze, Recycle Maze; while attractions that would appeal to a younger audience would include an open concept petting zoo and a bunny maze. 

“Also located at the site is Dim Sum — a rustic café that sends visitors back in time with its nostalgic ambiance from the 1970’s,” said Anuar in a statement issued yesterday.

In addition, TT5 Maze Park is also one of MB Inc’s efforts to rehabilitate former mining land into an exciting park that can fascinate visitors with the wondrous elements of TT5 Maze Park. 

“Furthermore, MB Inc is also initiating reforestation by planting 5,200 trees, which include yellow bamboo, murraya and wild tea trees. 

“Also, in showing support for sustainability for the community, we are using local limestone waste and granite, recycled railway rails and sleepers and atap rumbia for our infrastructure and landscape,” he added. 

TT5 Maze Park is located next to the iconic tin mining monument in Kinta Valley. 

National Geopark, TT5 which has a combined eight unique and lively elements forming a heart-shaped structure, using materials synonymous with the state of Perak such as granite and limestone, as well as recycled items and atap rumbia roofs made by Orang Asli. 

Located in Tanjung Tualang, Perak, the TT5 Maze Park is the first phase of a 59.01ha eco park that resides on the site of an actual tin mine. 

Two years ago, the TT5 site was given a new lease of life when it was redeveloped as an eco park, which would consist of Malaysia’s first heart-shaped maze that spans a massive 32,000 sq ft with 700m worth of maze routes to explore and discover. 

Admission to the TT5 Maze Park is granted via the purchase of tickets, which also includes a postcard that can be dropped off in a mailbox located in the heart of the maze. 

For more info, please reach TT5 via the website at https://tt5perak. com/, Facebook page: TT5 Perak or Instagram @tt5perak. — TMR