TM restores 85% services at flood-hit areas


TELEKOM Malaysia Bhd (TM) has restored 85% of its services where 84,274 customers were affected by the recent flood disaster.

Some RM13 million was allocated to help ease its customers’ financial burden which includes free replacement of damaged customers’ premise equipment and network components, RM5 million waiver of two weeks’ subscription from customers’ bills and a credit term extension to 60 days.

Restoration works were previously hampered by power outages, high water levels and severe road conditions in four affected states and resulted in damage to more than 15 network sites and hill stations.

TM Board has also allocated RM2 million from the RM58.4 million of government-linked companies and government-linked investment companies Disaster Response Network (GDRN) for the post-flood recovery aid via Yayasan TM, partner NGOs and the Malaysian Armed and Rescue Forces to distribute over 3,500 care packs to areas in the Klang Valley and Hulu Langat which consist of hot meals, dry rations, hygiene items and Covid-19 self-test kits.

A total of 260 staff volunteers via the TM Reaching Out Volunteers has been deployed to assist the community with house clean-up, of which 830 of the victims affected were the company’s own employees.

Compensation via financial aid and a temporary shelter prepared at the Multimedia University campus will also be provided by TM to their affected staff.

TM group CEO Imri Mokhtar (picture) said he appreciated the patience shown by all and ensured uninterrupted services in face of power shutdown and damaged equipment in some of the locations.

“As co-lead of the GDRN, TM is grateful to serve alongside its members in addressing the needs of those trying to rebuild their lives in the aftermath.

“The worst may not be over, and TM is mindful of our role to support our customers, communities and employees as we recover as a nation,” said Imri in a statement yesterday.