RE roadmap launched to help country achieve targets

The roadmap projected that the RE capacity will increase to 12,916MW and 17,996MW in 2025 and 2035, respectively

by ANIS HAZIM / graphic by TMR

THE Energy and Natural Resources Ministry (KeTSA) is set to implement the Malaysia Renewable Energy Roadmap (MyRER) next year to achieve the national aspiration of 31% and 40% RE capacity by 2025 and 2035, respectively.

KeTSA Minister Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan said MyRER, prepared by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (Seda) Malaysia, is detailed with the country’s RE’s development plans for the transition towards a low-carbon energy system in the short- and medium-term.

“MyRER outlines a strategic framework to achieve the country’s RE development vision, namely ‘Towards a Low Carbon Energy System’, through the implementation of four technology-based pillars of solar, bioenergy, hydro and new sources,” Takiyuddin said at the MyRER launch yesterday.

He noted that the four pillars will also be supported by four catalytic initiatives including leveraging electricity market reform for RE opportunities, improving access to financing, shaping human capital and infrastructure, and increasing system flexibility.

“MyRER projected that the RE capacity will increase by 4,466 megawatts (MW) to 12,916MW in 2025 compared to 8,450MW in 2020.

“Meanwhile, it is projected to rise by 5,080MW to 17,996MW in 2035,” he said.

Concurrently, the increase in RE capacity will reduce the intensity of carbon emissions in the electrical supply sector by 45% in 2030 and 60% in 2035.

“This targeted increase in RE capacity is KeTSA’s commitment to supporting the nation’s aspiration to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions as early as 2050 as well as contributing to the nation’s climate change commitment under the Paris Agreement,” he added.

According to Takiyuddin, MyRER will assist the country’s climate change commitments, generate an economic spillover of about RM20 billion by 2025 and RM33 billion by 2035, as well as the creation of an estimated 47,000 employment opportunities in the RE field.

Besides, MyRER will provide guidance in the deployment of RE while driving its growth in Malaysia.

“MyRER provides guidance to industry players on the direction of national RE development in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

“The potential, targets and strategic framework, as well as expected economic spillover value of the development of RE resources contribute to aspirations of an increase in the RE mix in the country’s electricity supply,” he further said.

It will also provide a reference for RE capacity projections and national strategies to achieve the 2025’s and 2035’s RE targets.

Separately, Takiyuddin said KeTSA will distribute RM500 instant rebate vouchers for households affected by the recent floods from Jan 7, 2022, to buy essential domestic electrical appliances.

“Those eligible will get the RM500 rebate vouchers which can be used to purchase electrical goods at 1,400 registered shops, supermarkets and e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and PGMall,” he noted.

He said the rebate is provided by Seda Malaysia through its Sustainability Achieved via Energy Efficiency programme.

Currently, KeTSA has identified 80,000 households that will receive the rebate through the data from the National Disaster Management Agency.

Meanwhile, in a statement, KeTSA said the Wildlife Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2021 was approved by Dewan Negara on Dec 21, 2021, to strengthen the effectiveness of wildlife conservation legislation.

Among the amendments made include increasing the maximum fine from RM500,000 to RM1 million and imprisonment maximum from 10 years to 15 years for violating the wildlife laws.

There are also new provisions to enable action against individuals who advertise the sale of wildlife online and fee collection for activities in wildlife reserves and wildlife sanctuaries.

“These amendments are evidence of the government’s concern towards the country’s invaluable wildlife treasures,” the ministry said in the statement yesterday.