Number of flood evacuees in Selangor drops, unchanged in four other states

by BERNAMA / pic by TMR FILE

KUALA LUMPUR – The number of flood victims remaining at temporary relief centres (PPS) in Selangor continues to drop this morning, while those in Pahang, Melaka, Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan, unchanged.

According to the Social Welfare Department (JKM) InfoBencana portal, there are 20,026 evacuees from 6,136 families still housed at 130 PPS in the five states this morning compared to 21,544 evacuees from 6,563 families recorded last night.

In SELANGOR, the number of victims had decreased to 7,751 at 39 PPS this morning from 8,644 at 45 centres last night.

It was reported in the that the water level at Sungai Langat in Bukit Changgang, Kuala Langat, is now declining after reaching a warning level of 3.66 metres at 7.15 am.

Meanwhile, Selangor Police announced six roads remain inaccessible for most vehicles, namely Bridge FT 31 Dengkil – Banting; Jalan Genting Peras – Kuala Klawang; Jalan BRP 7/2 Bukit Rahman Putra; the bridge heading to Subang shooting range and Jalan PJU 7, in front of Mutiara Damansara MRT station; while Jalan Kuala Kubu Bharu – Bukit Fraser heading to Peretak is open only for light vehicles.

In PAHANG, 90 PPS remained open to accommodate 12,692 victims from six flooded districts, namely Bentong, Temerloh, Bera, Maran, Kuantan dan Pekan.

The water level in Sungai Kundang in Maran was reported to still remain above the warning level.

The Meteorological Department forecasted gloomy weather in Kuantan and Pekan this morning, while the weather in other districts is expected to be good.

In KELANTAN, the number of flood evacuees taking shelter at two PPS in Pasir Mas remains unchanged at 152 from 46 families as at 7 am.

The PPS are at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tok Deh and SK Gual Periok.

The Drainage and Irrigation Department’s official InfoBanjir portal reported that no major rivers in Kelantan were at the danger level.

In MELAKA, the number of victims remained unchanged at 26 people from eight families, as at 8 am.

Melaka Civil Defence Force (APM) director Lt Col (PA) Cuthbert John Martin Quadra said only one PPS is still operating, namely at SK Penghulu Benteng in Jasin.

In NEGERI SEMBILAN, State APM director Lt Col (PA) Mohd Syukri Madnor said the number of victims in the state remains unchanged with 58 evacuees from 19 families still being housed at two PPS in Jelebu.