Melaka tables state Budget 2022 of RM508m


THE Melaka government has tabled the state’s Budget 2022 with the theme “Melaka Stability for Prosperity Together” with an allocation of RM507.92 million, of which RM427.92 million is allocated for operating expenditure and RM80 million for development expenditure.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali said the operating expenditure comprised liabilities estimated at RM10.48 million while supply expenditure was estimated at RM417.44 million.

He said the development expenditure involved RM56.36 million from the state’s revenue and a RM23.64 million grant provided by the federal government.

“Therefore, in drafting the Budget Melaka 2022, the state government’s revenue is estimated to be RM428.91 million, comprising an estimated tax revenue worth RM211.05 million, non-tax revenue of RM200.31 million and non-revenue receipts of RM17.55 million,” he told the 15th Melaka State Legislative Assembly in Seri Negeri Complex yesterday.

Sulaiman said the state government continues to strive to improve its financial performance, including focusing on controlling the current deficit, reducing debt and increasing reserves, realigning expenditure which should be borne by the federal government as well as reactivating cooperation between the government and the private sector.

He said the state government has successfully increased the state’s reserves to RM15.97 million as of December 2021, compared to RM960,000 in 2020 under the Melaka savings trust fund.

The state’s revenue for 2020 of RM392.88 million, Sulaiman said, was above the RM390.22 million target, while in 2021, RM445.96 million in revenue was targeted.

“Compared to 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an increase in revenue receipts up to Dec 26, 2021, where the state government achieved revenue collections of 98.34% with a value of RM438.57 million. However, based on the revenue not yet registered, it is expected that the state government’s revenue for 2021 would surpass the target set,” he said.

He said the inclusive budget would consolidate and restructure existing and new initiatives, which would be implemented by focusing on three main areas, namely people’s wellbeing, economic sustainability and efficiency in governance.

In conjunction with the presentation of the state budget, Sulaiman also announced that one-off assistance worth RM150 would be given to babies born in Melaka yesterday through the opening of an SSPN-i account.

Special financial aid of half a month’s salary, or a minimum of RM1,000, will be paid to 5,087 Melaka civil servants which will be paid as early as January or April next year.