Malaysia ranks 27th for 2022’s travel destinations

Travel Lemming recommends tourists visit Malaysia’s beaches, eat at hawker food stalls and go jungle trekking 


US-BASED online travel guide Travel Lemming has placed Malaysia 27th in its “Best Places to Travel in the World in 2022” ranking among 50 countries. 

According to its founder, Nate Hake tourists are intrigued with the country’s natural wonders, historical sites and a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. 

“If you always wondered what travelling South-East Asia was like before the era of mass tourism, you just might have the chance to find out in Malaysia in 2022,” he said in a statement. 

With Malaysia having the highest vaccination rates in the world, borders for international tourism have been scheduled to reopen next month. 

Foreign tourists who were considering travelling to Malaysia could look forward to finding their own private retreats at South-East Asia’s most pristine beaches. 

Travel Lemming recommends tourists visit Malaysia’s beaches, eat at hawker food stalls and go jungle trekking. The site’s preferred destinations include Kuala Lumpur; Georgetown, Penang; Langkawi, Kedah; and Borneo; and suggested December to April as the best time to travel to Malaysia. 

Fifteen travel writers and editors worked on the list and the site has more than a million readers annually from the US and Canada. The site also highlights the not-so-wellknown destinations of a country. 

With international travel restrictions in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s articles mainly focused on US domestic tourism. 

However, Hake believed that a country’s high Covid-19 vaccination rate is building tourists’ confidence in travelling. 

“As much as we all wish the global pandemic to end soon, it seems likely that 2022 will continue to see international travel impacted by Covid-19. 

“Travellers looking for a safer experience will look for places that have relatively higher vaccination rates, like Malaysia,” he said. 

Hence, Hake said Malaysia’s tourism industry is well-positioned to thrive in this new normal. 

Travel Lemmings liste Querétaro, Mexico; North Cascades National Park in Washington, US; and Prince Edward Island in Canada as the top three destinations.