Violence against women is a health issue – Khairy

by BERNAMA / pic by TMR FILE

KUALA LUMPUR – Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has described violence against women as a health issue, a violation of women’s human rights, bodily integrity, and sexual and reproductive rights.

He said abused women were more likely than non-abused women to engage in high-risk behaviour, such as smoking and substance use disorders.

“Furthermore, the chronic stress caused by violence is linked to higher rates of chronic diseases (such as heart disease and diabetes), mental health disorders and infections for abused women,” he said in his recorded keynote address at the second annual Malaysia Women and Girls Forum, organised by the United Nations Population Fund Malaysia, today.

Meanwhile, Khairy also pledged to do more to create policies that will ensure protection and focus on the wellbeing of women and girls in all aspects of this country.

“The right to bodily autonomy is a promise that is legally endorsed by the laws of our land for each and every Malaysian. Yet, I will not deny that there are essential social and legal gaps that need to be bridged when it comes to our women and girls,” he added.