THiJARI Biz to facilitate monthly salary deductions

The app targets to attract more employees from public and private sectors to open TH account and authorise salary deduction


LEMBAGA Tabung Haji (TH) yesterday launched an extension of its application called the THiJARI Biz aimed to facilitate employers to contribute to their employees’ pilgrimage fund on a monthly basis through salary deduction.

Group MD and CEO Datuk Seri Amrin Awaluddin said the THiJARI Biz app will attract more employees from both the public and private sectors to open TH account and facilitate savings for their pilgrimage through salary deduction.

“With the introduction of THiJARI Biz, employees’ salary deduction transactions can be done safely and efficiently online by their employers at any time. Employers are also able to check on the transactions made, while employees can also review their crediting records through their respective THiJARI applications,” he said.

The launch was officiated by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Ahmad Marzuk Shaary.

Ahmad Marzuk congratulated TH for the THiJARI Biz app, which is a continuation from the group’s THiJARI app that was launched in October 2020.

He believes that the newly launched THiJARI Biz app will hasten the crediting process for employer’s contribution towards their employee’s TH account.

“THiJARI Biz was introduced as one of TH’s initiatives towards digital transformation to further improve online services and the automation of work processes, so that TH services are more efficient and effective,” he said.

TH business digitalisation GM and acting ED of operations Mohamed Ameen Abd Wahab said the app is guaranteed to speed up the salary deduction process to one day, whereas previously the manual process took about seven to 14 days.

“Employers can also use the opportunity to contribute to online transactions with FPX payment anywhere without them having to go to the TH counter, at the same time making it easier to not just the Muslim employers but also the non-Muslim employers to contribute,” he explained.

With an upgraded function, THiJARI Biz enables the distribution of contributions in line with TH’s aspiration for all Muslim depositors in Malaysia to become depositors in TH to help bolster their Haj savings, said Mohamed Ameen.

Currently, TH depositor has reached nine million and mostly are public sector employees. TH hopes THiJARI Biz will be well received by employers to facilitate their employees’ contribution.

To date, TH has 4,500 employers contributing via THiJARI Biz and this is expected to increase 20% by 2022.

To date, the total monthly salary deduction is RM175 million and RM2 billion annually, amounting to 9.5% salary deduction involving 170,000 individual employees and 4,500 employers.