PM highlights govt’s 6 core achievements at AKM

Govt is aware of the need to work with the people on restoring health and economic issues


PRIME Minister (PM) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob highlighted six core pillars of his Malaysian Family vision, as well as the 100-day achievements of the Cabinet in their respective ministries.

The 100-day Malaysian Family Aspirations (AKM) are measured based on the Ministry’s Core Services (50%), Ministerial Performance Appraisal (25%) and Public Perception of Ministers and Ministries.

A total of 140 targets were set to be implemented over 100 days involving 31 ministers from five clusters — namely the senior ministers, economy, social, security and infrastructure.

All these achievements by the ministries and government agencies are being showcased at the ongoing 100-Day Malaysian Family Aspirations Programme at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

“I cannot mention each ministry’s aspirations, but the people can examine the achievements through today’s programme until Dec 12.

“Take this opportunity to see for yourself the programmes provided, including the government’s aspirations assistance, career opportunity exhibition, government service counters and many more programmes designed specifically for the Malaysian Family,” he said in his speech at the launch of the AKM programme yesterday.

In celebrating these achievements, the PM reminded visitors to observe the standard operating procedures that have been established.

Additionally, he added that the government will continue to ensure that the welfare of the people is protected.

According to Ismail Sabri, the government is aware of the need to work with the people on restoring health and economic issues.

“The overall performance of the 100 days of the Cabinet is yet to meet the 100% target.

“However, at this time, Cabinet members have reached around 90%, and some performances cannot be judged from surveys alone.

“So, this percentage achieved is not a reason for us to be arrogant instead, it should inject determination and commitment for us to continue working with the people,” he said.

First Pillar: Economic Restructuring

The PM in his address said the government has completed several reforms and initiatives in areas such as the International Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI) which included a 4.3% decrease in unemployment in October, a 24.7% increase in export value, an 11.6% increase in sales for manufacturing companies and RM12.8 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, bringing the total FDI value for the first nine months of the year to over RM30 billion.

“These numbers have been achieved despite the restriction of interstate travel due to Covid-19.

“MITI has successfully increased the FDI with their efforts to establish new trade and investment agreements,” he added.

Ismail Sabri also announced that the ministry is training entrepreneurs through the Malaysian Entrepreneurship Development Centre to help them succeed in their business ventures and create more job opportunities.

Second Pillar: Guaranteeing Security and Peace of the Country

The Defence Ministry has increased border control through 37 “Ops Benteng” operations in 100 days, while the Home Ministry has strengthened security enforcement — especially in dealing with the issue of illegal immigrants.

Through this programme, a total of 136,929 illegal immigrants have been deported.

The government has also narrowed the gap with other Asean countries — such as Indonesia and Singapore — to foster diplomatic ties.

Ismail Sabri (centre) presenting a donation from the Malaysian Family Foundation to a boy affected by the loss a family member to Covid-19. Also present chief secretary to the govt Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali


Third Pillar: Improve Social Welfare for the People

“The Malaysian Family Foundation, launched on Oct 23, is a manifestation of the love of the entire Malaysian Family,” said the PM.

The foundation’s main goal is to care for the educational and future welfare of children who have lost a parent or guardian because of accidents, disasters and other related matters.

The foundation will help fund these children’s education until they reach the age of 18.

Through the 2022 Budget, the government has channelled an allocation of RM25 million for this purpose.

Fourth Pillar: Improve the Overall Infrastructure of the Country

A total of 800 housing units have been built with a 75% completion status, which will benefit 4,000 households, while 10,000 units of houses have been renovated with a 100% completed development status, benefitting 50,000 households through the Hardcore Poor Housing Project initiative.

Fifth Pillar: Strengthening the Unity in the Malaysian Family

For this, Community Mediation Centres have been established in six states, with 300 neighbourhood centres and 14 solidarity activity centres with 100 mediators nationwide.

Sixth Pillar: Empowering Service Delivery

This includes the restructuring of government agencies with the help of the PM’s Department.

At the same ceremony, Ismail Sabri presented the contribution of the Malaysian Family Foundation to eight recipients who had lost their parents due to Covid-19 and road accidents.

He also spent time visiting exhibitions of ministries, agencies and private companies and interacting with visitors.

The PM also announced that a total of 24,300 job opportunities involving 75 employers are also being offered through the Career Carnival at the four-day AKM programme.

“This is a historic effort as the 360° assessment was implemented for the first time to assess the government’s achievements, and I hope more Malaysian families will provide insights so the government can strengthen its service delivery system,” he said.

He added that the government acknowledges and understands the people’s high hopes for the government, but 100 days was not a sufficient time to measure performances and that there is still room for serious attention and improvement.

“Collectively, we are working to overcome obstacles in driving the country forward, based on the true spirit of the Malaysian Family,” he said.


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