Bursa launches Digital Research for the investment community

by TMR / pic by TMR FILE

BURSA Malaysia Bhd launched Bursa Digital Research, a multi-faceted research portal that serves to provide investors with an added source of research and data analysis with the objective of improving financial literacy and facilitating informed investment decision making.

The Bursa Digital Research platform offers Public Listed Companies (PLCs) direct digital touch points with investors to improve PLCs’ overall visibility, enable better understanding of business operations and value propositions, while facilitating price discovery, Bursa said in a statement today.

This platform complements the Bursa Broadcast platform which seeks to enrich investors’ capital market understanding.

“Bursa Digital Research aims to provide an additional resource to help investors gain market insight and keep abreast of the latest developments in the stock market.” said CEO of Bursa Malaysia Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift.

Four main content categories are now available on the Bursa Digital Research portal, with more content to be added from time to time which includes Market Updates – an in-house research analysis offering latest insights within the

capital market, covering a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, trading momentum of stocks, global and local market trends, compilation of analyst consensus, index revisions and highlights of investor product segments.

The second category is Bursa Blitz – a series of FAQs touching on matters related to PLCs’ businesses and industries, covering latest developments and future prospects.

It also features Initial Public Offering IPO) category – a factsheet offering a quick read about latest IPO launches while the quarterly performance report provides a comprehensive performance review, key statistics and insights on the trading of new listings.

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) also offered monthly performance reports to enrich investors’ understanding about ETFs available on the exchange.

“Research data and market information are crucial to making informed investment decisions. This will act as a catalyst for greater investor participation on Bursa Malaysia,” Muhamad Umar said.

Bursa Digital Research is the latest of Bursa Malaysia’s strategic focus on enhancing the ecosystem, aiming to grow market vibrancy and liquidity while also providing a conducive investor education and engagement experience. The platform will continue to be refined and built up to increase information transparency, address information gaps in our market, boost investor confidence and accelerate investment decision making.