Only COVID-19 saliva tests allowed at schools


KUALA LUMPUR – The COVID-19 screenings in all schools under the Ministry of Education (MOE) must be conducted using saliva test kits only.

MOE in a statement today said that the use of nasal swab tests is not allowed and not in accordance with the ministry’s instructions through a letter dated Nov 28.

Referring to a photo titled ‘Teachers conduct practical training by swabbing students in a school’ that went viral on social media, the MOE said investigations found that it involved a COVID-19 screening in a school in Pahang.

A total of 16 students at the school were selected at random to undergo the COVID-19 screening test using saliva test kits, it said.

“However, a nasal swab demonstration was also conducted and involved four students and four teachers who were assisted by two community nurses,” the statement read.

MOE said the COVID-19 self-test for school students is being implemented in accordance with the Guidelines for School Management and Operation 3.0.

According to the letter issued by the ministry, the COVID-19 screening tests for primary school pupils must be done on a rotation basis, involving at least 10 per cent of students.

The implementation of the self-tests only involves the use of saliva kits provided by the ministry under the supervision of teachers.