Lagenda Properties to offer customized financial plan for army personnels

by TMR / pic by TMR FILE

LAGENDA Properties Berhad has signed a collaboration agreement with the Koperasi Veteran Daulat Kedah (KVDK) Bhd to customize financial plans for army personnel in need and aspiring homeowners to restructure their finances for higher loan eligibility.

In a statement today Lagenda said the MOU is a response to the attention drawn towards housing for army personnel.

“There are still a large number of military personnel who face the plight of housing, especially outside of the Klang Valley.

“The housing dilemma is a very real issue amongst military personnel as many are priced out of the market. Many in fact, are not able to own their own homes even in their twilight years, which is very disheartening. This is where we are compelled as a group to go beyond the norm to address this particular segment to ensure everyone can afford a home,” said Datuk Jimmy Doh, Managing Director of Lagenda Properties.

Chairman of KVDK Asomuddin Ahmad said many KVDK members are either serving army veterans or retirees who have yet to own homes.

“This is due to affordability issues, as they simply cannot afford housing priced above RM200,000, with their B40 salaries averaging at RM2,000 per month. Moreover, they often live in cramped conditions, with five to seven family members of multiple generations under one roof,

“Tentera personnel tend to have multiple ongoing loans, which hinders their chances at homeownership. Here, they would be advised on how to restructure and better manage their debts,” added Asomuddin,

To further aid the community, Lagenda will extend a RM1,000 discount for every house purchased by KVDK members.

This is further savings in addition to the general sales package that encompasses free legal fees, free stamp duty for the memorandum of transfer and cash rebates applicable only to public servants.

“Sums saved also helps purchasers to channel funds towards better equipping their home with appliances and furniture,” said Lagenda.