Digi Business unveils Year End Specials for biz to thrive in 2022


DIGI Business unveils Year End Specials to help businesses thrive next year by offering exciting deals and discounts where business customers can enjoy savings of more than 50% and free devices to further assist them on their digitalisation journey until the end of this year. 

Digi.Com Bhd said this is aimed to encourage local businesses and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to continue their adoption of digital tools to help grow and strengthen their business operations in the year to come. 

Business owners looking for a better fibre IT option can enjoy a 50% discount for the first three months when they make the switch to any Digi Business Fibre plan with a 24-month contract and enjoy immediate savings of up to RM937. 

This offer is also available to existing Digi Business customers who will also get an additional RM20 discount for the rest of their contract period. 

“With the economy opening up again, our Year End Specials are our way of giving that extra boost to our business customers, so that they are motivated to continue along the path of digitalisation and prepare themselves to face a new year with new beginnings,” Digi chief business officer Eugene Teh said. 

Digi Business customers can choose to sign up for Go Digi Wifi 68 or 128 at 50% discount for the first three months and customers who opt for the 12-month or 24-month contract will also enjoy the option of getting a free Mobifi Huawei device, Huawei Wifi router, or Shopee shopping voucher worth RM500. 

At the same time, both new and existing Digi Business customers who are looking to upgrade their smartphone can sign up for any Go Digi Business Postpaid plans and choose their preferred free smartphone worth up to RM 2,999 from brands such as Samsung and Oppo. 

Business owners are also entitled to claim all Digi Business’ Year End Specials under the SME Digitalisation Grant when they sign up for any three plans of their choice.