NAVi to lead Malaysia’s autonomous vehicles agenda

by SHAFIQQUL ALIFF / pic credit:

MINISTRY of Science, Technology and Innovation (Mosti) launched the NanoMalaysia Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (NAVi) and the NanoMalaysia Autonomous Delivery Robot (NAVi Delivery or NAVi-D) in preparation for developing technology to support the innovation and adoption of IR4.0.

Mosti Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said the development of Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles or driverless vehicles in Malaysia is an initiative under Mosti through the agency NanoMalaysia Bhd prove the commitment by the agency to drive Malaysia as a high-tech nation by 2025.

He said the purpose of NAVi was to prepare Malaysia’s transport and automotive sector entering the era of autonomous systems which are capable of reacting in difficult situations and can be applied in any desired medium such as private vehicles, freight vehicles and cargo.

Meanwhile, NAVi-D is an evolution of NAVi that focuses on the delivery of packaging and food products as the technology is based on the enhanced NAVi software architecture for specific use which will be equipped with a system that meets the needs of the end-to-end transmission sector.

“The spread of Covid-19 has affected the economy, not only in Malaysia but globally and it has urged the world to move into the era of digitisation, and there is a high demand to reduce contact in interacting.

“The development of NAVi in line with the ‘High Tech, Low Touch’ initiative led by Mosti and the goal was to make Malaysia a proactive and innovative technology country, as well as competitive in the digital economy,” he said.

“Mosti’s commitment is clear, which is to ensure that the benefits are felt by the people directly and indirectly, including the creation of various employment opportunities to improve the living standards of Malaysians.”

Mosti will also leverage on the portal provided through the National Technology and Innovation Sandbox to organise start-up projects to raise road safety standards by conducting a series of tests focused on safe areas and spaces.

“I believe NAVi can ensure that vehicles respond efficiently in dealing with limited driver’s attention span and reflection,” Dr Adham added.

At the same time, NanoMalaysia CEO Dr Rezal Khairi Ahmad said they are confident that both autonomous-based systems for these vehicles can capitalise on the market opportunities of the IR4.0 as the strategies for positioning are also important to ensure economic returns for innovators and investors.

He said these developments will also shape Malaysia’s direction towards IR4.0 and drive the country to lead a connected mobility system.