Unifi to compensate customers for network outage


Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM)’s converged service provider, Unifi is offering to compensate the downtime for its customer within 24 hours from the service as part of its #unicares initiatives.

Unifi chief marketing officer Shanti Jusnita Johari said that the compensation will be in the form of an RM50 billing rebate for its service restoration guarantee for the 100Mbps customers and above.

“Right now the compensation is beyond 24 hours window for a flat rate of RM50, which seems to be the best that we try to provide in order to satisfy all range of our customers,” Shanti told the media briefing virtually today.

She assured that Unifi’s customers will be fulfilled within the promises except for the things that are beyond its control such as natural disasters.

“But we will strive to anything that is related to our network and whatever service we provide to the customer. We will honour that during the 24 hours guarantee,” she reaffirmed.

She also said that there will be a guarantee covering the low connectivity below the substrate speed.

“At this moment, the guarantee covers the internet failure and downtime. It doesn’t cover performance-related issues,” stated Shanti.

Nevertheless, she said that Unifi will be looking into the performance-related issue to deliver a better end-to-end experience for its customers.“We are also looking into all of these because at the end of the day, managing user’s end-to-end experience is about uptime, performance, shorter latency for gamers, streaming different platforms,” she said.

The internet provider has unveiled its five #unificares initiatives as a commitment to enhancing the customers’ experience.

Among the initiatives are including the 24 hours service restoration guarantee, easyfix self-service, proactive service alerts, service tracker and Unifi elite experts.

According to Shanti, Unifi has updated its mobile application for the new feature on easyfix which enables customers to immediately self diagnose and troubleshoot issues that they face with their Unifi connectivity.

“We will deliver great experiences for our customers through our care crew, which delivered human interactions and engagement as well as leveraging on all the digital tools, such as the Unifi’s router,” she noted.

Besides, Unifi is also offering proactive service alerts to inform the customers of the service disruption alert in the area.

“So now we have that visibility and can proactively manage and detect if your internet connection is down. The customer will receive a notification via the Unifi app or SMS.

“Users can file a service ticket within a few clicks from the notification and we will arrange for the immediate restoration as well,” she added.

Moreover, the Unifi app is also updated with a service tracker to track the status of a customer’s service tickets.

“This allows customers to track the location of the assigned care crew and view the progress in real-time,” she explained.

For the Unifi elite experts, Unifi has teamed up with TM to provide consultation and WiFi optimisation for customer’s homes or businesses in major cities and towns nationwide.

“The elite experts may propose and set up solutions such as Mesh WiFi to solve dead WiFi zones or poor performance issues,” she further said.