Nearly 17,000 workers registered with Selangor Kerjaya

by FAYYADH JAAFAR / pic source:

SELANGOR Kerjaya Programme, the initiative by Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated, has seen 16,727 workers registered so far with the state government’s career development programme.

As of October 31, 2021, a total of 2,831 people had been matched with job opportunities, with employers’ shortlisting 2,236 for interviews. Of that number, only 1,192 people attended the interview sessions, while a total of 541 people were successfully placed in employment.

The Selangor Kerjaya programme was launched by the state government on January 26, 2021. It is an initiative by the state government to provide job opportunities to the unemployed. The programme is aimed at providing job opportunities to 10,000 people over a period of three years until 2024.

State executive councillor Mohd Khairuddin Othman said in his response to Michelle Ng during the 14th State Assembly sitting that the programme has been successful thus far.

“The target number of job placements for 2021 is 2,000,” he said.

“After taking into account the current situation, including job offers following the Movement Control Order 3.0, which lasted until July 16, 2021 in 34 mukims in the state of Selangor, the target was revised and amended to 1,000 jobs until the end of 2021,” he added, with the assurance that the programme would continue to be implemented.

Mohd Khairuddin also revealed that the programme is also developing a talent and employment database to enable data analysis from profiling systems and databases that are key to planning economic recovery programmes as well as addressing unemployment issues among Selangor citizens in the near future, especially the impact of COVID-19 and its long-term impact, which will be able to resolve the imbalance and job mismatch in the labour market in Selangor more precisely.

“If evaluated in terms of the number of job placements in this 10-month period, the performance of this programme can be improved. The main purpose of the Selangor Career Program is talent and workforce management, which involves collecting information on job demand and supply as well as identifying gaps in workforce competencies compared to the jobs offered,” he added.

In tackling the problem of unemployment, Khairuddin said that Selangor Kerjaya also tries to solve the problem of the mismatch of skills possessed by a talent or workforce with the skills needed to fill job vacancies offered by employers.

In this regard, all participants registered with Selangor Kerjaya have the opportunity to take a profiling test to assess cognitive ability, personality, behavior, and skills based on the Universal Competency Framework, which will be matched with job profiles to determine the suitability of participants to job opportunities offered.

“To improve skills, candidates who are successfully offered jobs will undergo career guidance and training to improve skills, if required by the employer, as well as undergo online upskilling training for a year, during which a certificate of participation will be issued. Monitoring in the form of mentoring will also be held periodically during the year,” he explained.

Given that profiling is a determinant of talent and job matching, an indicator that may need to be improved is the percentage of people who take the profiling test. Efforts to study new mechanisms need to be made to encourage more talent registered in Selangor Kerjaya to take profiling tests.

“This will ensure adequate manpower supply to address the issue of post-COVID-19 outbreak employment in an effort to achieve the job placement target of 10,000 people within three years to 2024,” he concluded.