‘Malaysian Family’ won it for BN in Melaka

MCA’s and MIC’s victories are seen as the return of Chinese and Indian support for BN

by TMR / pic courtesy of Utusan Malaysia

THE Malaysian Family concept introduced by Prime Minister (PM) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob was accepted by all levels of the community in Melaka, resulting in wins for MCA and MIC in last week’s state elections.

Out of the seven state assembly seats contested, MCA managed to win back two traditional seats from Pakatan Harapan (PH) — Kelebang and Machap Jaya.

MIC can be said to be the most successful Barisan Nasional’s (BN) component in Melaka retaking its sole seat of Gadek in the elections.

The results were welcomed seeing that both parties previously did not have any state or parliamentary seats in Melaka.

Their victories are seen as the return of Chinese and Indian support for BN which had only won 13 state seats in the last general election, and a manifestation of the acceptance of the Malaysian Family.

Geostrategist Azmi Hassan said the openness of Umno leadership to make way for other BN components to contest in Malay-majority seats had indirectly brought home the message to voters.

He said the Gadek state seat was the epitome of Malaysian Family, seeing that BN maintained MIC candidate VP Shanmugam even though it was widely seen that Umno would have won it from PH if it had contested the seat.

“In the most indirect way, BN’s giving up seven candidates to MCA and one to MIC is the most obvious success of Malaysian Family because, before this, Umno had wanted Gadek as it was a sure win for them due to the Malay majority of the seat.

“So, when Umno gave Gadek to MIC and seven seats to MCA just shows that BN is one big family, a Malaysian Family if you will. So, this is what we say the concept is inherent in the act,” he said.

“In the Melaka elections, BN had never used the PM as a campaign strategy to attract voters but indirectly the voters feel confident in BN, which is headed by the PM from Umno who had pushed the idea of Malaysian Family,” he added.

On Nov 20, BN returned to power in Melaka with a two-thirds majority in the State Assembly, repeating its win in the 13th General Election with 21 seats.

The two-thirds majority ensures that the new government is stable and able to introduce new legislation like the appointment of state assemblymen that requires an amendment to the state constitution.

Melaka folks have confidence in Malaysian Family

THE comprehensive Malaysian Family concept for all levels of the community drove Melaka voters to choose Barisan Nasional (BN), according to a survey.

A random survey around Masjid Tanah showed that people wanted a stable government which can fulfil their election promises and cares about the people.

Student, Muhammad Afiq Zulhelmi Karim, 25, a two-time voter said he learnt from the 14th General Election and now wanted a government that can realise national development and prosperity.

He said past experience has made him cautious about whom to choose to keep the wellbeing of the rakyat.

“The Malaysian Family concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob is seen to fulfil the needs of the people, especially the youth, who have suffered from the hardships of Covid-19.

“When I saw that concept applied at the federal level, I was attracted by it and wanted that same concept to be applied in Melaka. It was important to me that the economic recovery plan and the recovery from Covid-19 for the state be streamlined with the federal government,” he said.

BN won big in the recent state election in Melaka, winning 21 out of 28 seats in the State Assembly.

Meanwhile, trader Zaleha Othman, 61, said BN has a proven track record spanning 60 years of administrating the country successfully.

She said over the years, the government introduced many schemes, including the Malaysian Family concept, which provides wide-ranging benefits to Malaysians.

“For me, the party that fights for the people must be given the chance to form the government. It looks after all Malaysians while also ensuring that the Malays are treated appropriately.

“The BN leadership is trusted and more people-friendly with its Malaysian Family programme,” she said.