AirAsia to integrate facial recognition tech with FACES


AIRASIA Group Bhd, through the airasia Super App, yesterday launched the world’s first facial recognition technology, known as FACES.

FACES offers guests and AirAsia users a completely digital and contactless travel experience on AirAsia flights, as well as improving convenience, safety and wellbeing in all their travel and lifestyle needs.

With the rollout of the technology, AirAsia passengers will be able to check in and pay for tickets, make purchases of various products and services within the app including hotel bookings, flight bookings, and food and drink orders through facial recognition.

Aside from aviation services, the airline group is also looking into integrating facial recognition technology for other lifestyle experiences, such as ordering and paying for products and services within the app, e-hailing and hotel services in the future.

With Covid-19, AirAsia believed that FACES will help to reduce the number of people physically going to the airport and queueing up at the counters, hence, reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

The facial recognition technology, which was developed by airasia Super App partner Vision-Box, uses biometric data, particularly facial images, to identify individuals.

This allows the passenger to simply scan his or her face and instantly confirm their identity without having to enter any personal details manually.

Hence, facial recognition technology will allow the customer to pay for their ticket, confirm their seat and board without needing to take out their identification card and have a smoother and safer check-in process.

Airasia Super App CEO Amanda Woo said the launch of FACES on the airasia Super App is an integrated revolution for industry-leading payment solutions.

“This system will make all the offers available on the airAsia Super App, including flights, hotels, food reservations, delivery, and e-calls, among others, smoother and easier with just a facial scan.

“It also facilitates travel at the airport with fast face recognition for the check-in process, as well as streamlines delivery services through real-time verification and contactless delivery,” she said at the launch.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 will be the first airport in the world to implement facial recognition technology, while the rest of the airports across the country will follow suit soon.

In regards to privacy concerns, AirAsia Group COO Javed Malik assured that stringent security measures are in place to ensure that the technology does not compromise the privacy of the passengers.

“The app has been designed to protect the user’s privacy, and the app itself is secured by the highest level of certification to ensure that the information collected by the app cannot be accessed by third parties,” he said.