Serunai Commerce partners Universitas Brawijaya for digital halal ecosystem development

The collaboration will expand and integrate the development into a wider ecosystem between Malaysia and Indonesia, and across the region


SERUNAI Commerce Sdn Bhd and Universitas Brawijaya has exchanged the letter of intent onto Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) for a reverse linkage project, an integration of  development between Indonesia and Malaysia.

The collaboration is aimed to expand and integrate halal digital development into a wider ecosystem between both countries and across the region.

Under the linkage project, IsDB will be the co-financing partner to support the financial aspect of the development while giving the partners access to its 57 members worldwide.

According to IsDB regional coordinator (Asia) Aminuddin Mat Ariff, the linkage also serves as a catalyst and framework that can be replicated by other nations, particularly among the IOC countries.

“Despite the timeline of the project implementation, we are optimist and encourage all partners to be the permanent stakeholder in building the halal development ecosystem starting within the Asean region,” he said.

The project implementation is set to be ongoing for two years starting November 2021 until November 2023 with an allocation of approximately US$2.06 million (RM8.59 million) from IsDB.

“Additionally, IsDB will offer all of the partners in all the linkage project access to 57 member countries to upscale the economy, export and create revenue to empower the ummah for the brighter light,” Aminuddin said further.

“This project is a major milestone and we are pleased to become the pioneer for the first digital halal partner alongside the eminent Indonesia university, Universitas Brawijaya, and IsDB,” Serunai Commerce group CEO Amnah Shaari said.

“Halal industry spans from various sector from food, energy, pharmaceutical and many more, and with the new of endeavour to expand the halal ecosystem, we are truly humbled to be able to connect the halal ecosystem with other halal supply chains,” Amnah added.

Representing Universitas Brawijaya, Prof Dr Moch Sasmito said the institution will support this development by encouraging their students into becoming digital halal entrepreneurs through guidance, knowledge and financing support.

Sasmito added that currently, the students are also more receptive to e-commerce and digital business and have taken their own initiative to explore.

“Our partnership with IsDB as the funding partner as well as the Serunai in terms of their expertise and knowledge will enhance the project further,” he said during the virtual ceremony.

“We hope the partners would merge together to explore the opportunities and view this project as the first engagement to expand the dynamic of the halal digital economy globally,” he said.