DNB in ongoing engagement on technical, security issues with telcos

by BERNAMA / pic by TMR FILE

DIGITAL Nasional Bhd (DNB) has clarified that extensive discussions have been and are taking place with telcos on the country’s 5G rollout, under the supervision and guidance of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

DNB, in a statement on the weekend, said telcos’ feedback, particularly their readinesss, has been taken into consideration in the planned rollout of the nationwide 5G network.

The country’s sole 5G wholesale service provider noted that the company has incorporated feedback from the telcos on key areas regarding the design and implementation of its 5G Radio Access Network.

“This is a continuous process between DNB, the telcos and our regulator (MCMC) with different focused working groups for technology, cybersecurity and commercial tracks. Further, DNB’s 5G network is compliant with the 3GPP requirements, which set the standards for 5G networks worldwide,” the company said.

In terms of security, DNB adopts a zero-trust approach in the design, planning, implementation and ongoing operations.

It was addressing claims reported in an article in local media which cited industry sources as saying that none of the telcos had signed any agreement with DNB for 5G wholesale access because the latter had yet to meet all the technical and security requirements the telcos were asking for.

DNB also clarified that a draft Reference Access Offer (RAO) for 5G wholesale services has been shared with MCMC and the telcos in September to enable them to engage DNB and provide feedback.

The RAO is the standard commercial and non-commercial terms on which a 5G wholesale service will be made available on a transparent and non-discriminatory basis to any licensed entity requiring access to the 5G service.

According to the statement, the RAO will form the basis for DNB to enter into definitive commercial agreements and DNB anticipates finalising its RAO by the end of November upon MCMC’s approval.

“After this, DNB will be able to finalise commercial negotiations with the telcos. DNB has provided the industry with well-defined service descriptions around the provision of wholesale access for mobile broadband for 5G, also known as Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB),” it said.

This is the first of the key wholesale services that DNB will be offering to telcos, made available from December 2021 onwards. A comprehensive eMBB service description is part of the RAO document shared with the industry in September.

DNB reiterated that it is committed to keeping 5G wholesale prices affordable.