Applications for URUS now open to eligible B50 customers

by BERNAMA / pic by TMR FILE

KUALA LUMPUR – Applications for the Financial Management and Resilience Programme (URUS) are now open to eligible B50 individual customers until Jan 31, 2022.

URUS is available for B50 customers who are under an existing repayment assistance programme provided by the banks as of Sept 30, 2021 and meet the criteria for the programme.

The criteria include those with a gross monthly household income of RM5,880 or lower and are experiencing loss of employment or income reduction of at least 50 per cent, as well as those whose loan/financing facility is performing i.e not in arrears exceeding 90 days as at the date of application for URUS.

The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM), Association of Islamic Banking and Financial Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM), Association of Development Finance Institutions of Malaysia (ADFIM) and Credit Counselling and Management Agency (AKPK) said this in a joint statement today.

Through URUS, AKPK will provide the customer with a personalised and holistic financial plan, taking into account the customer’s financial circumstances and ability to afford the repayment of all financing obligations, according to the statement.

Eligible B50 customers may apply for URUS directly with their banks, and those who wish for further assistance can contact their banks via internet banking or telephone banking channels, or walk into any of their bank’s branches.

Customers who have loan/financing facilities from multiple banks only need to apply to any one of the banks where they currently have performing facilities under an existing repayment assistance programme.

URUS application forms and details of the process are available on banks’ websites and at their branches, and more details on URUS are also available on the banking associations’ and AKPK’s websites.

The associations said banks remain committed to assisting their customers during this challenging period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and are mindful that customers would need some time to get back on their feet financially as the economy gradually recovers.

As such, customers who do not satisfy the criteria for URUS are advised to contact their respective banks to discuss other loan/financing facility repayment options that would suit their individual financial circumstances.

On matters relating to repayment assistance, bank customers are reminded not to engage with any third parties claiming to be agents/representatives of the banks, as banks and AKPK do not appoint or authorise any third parties or agents to act on their behalf for this purpose.