MIEA launches SOP video for real estate agents


THE Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) has launched a video on standard operating procedures (SOP) that should be followed by its practitioners as the sector reopens.

The two and a half-minute video was produced by MIEA Sabah Branch Committee as part of their 2021 corporate social responsibility, aimed to provide guidelines for practitioners and clients amid the new normal.

“We, real estate practitioners were excited when we received the news that the Estate Agency Practice sector reopened.

“On the other hand, we are concerned about the safety of our clients as well as ourselves,” MIEA Sabah chairman Rose Lai said in her opening remarks during the virtual launch yesterday.

“The video highlights the preparations before viewings as well as the procedure for handling the viewing of a property.

“We hope this video will be used nationwide and give confidence to our clients,” Lai added.

MIEA president Chan Ai Cheng said that the advent of technology which has been widely used by real estate agents nationwide such as 360 photos and videos has helped clients to view properties during the lockdown period.

It continues to be a very useful tool for buyers and tenants to view the properties online and to determine if it meets their needs.

“However nothing beats the touch and feel of the real thing especially for properties in the secondary market where each property differs in style, finishing and conditions,” she said.

Cheng felt that this video is important because real estate agents are always meeting clients, potential buyers and tenants daily. She also urged that if the public observed any of the agents who are not conforming to the requirements, they can channel a report to  the MIEA.

“Having said that, the utmost importance for members of the public to note is to deal only with registered persons be it a Registered Estate Agent, a Registered Probationary Estate Agent or a Certified Real Estate Negotiator whose details can be found on the website of the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Malaysia (LPPEH) under Act 242.

“All too often we read of individuals being ‘cheated’ by those claiming to be property agents. If the person is registered, the Board can take disciplinary action against them including fines and suspension depending on the severity of the case,” she said.

The LPPEH can be accessed through https://lppeh.gov.my/WP2016/ where information regarding the practitioner’s registration number and expiry date can be found.

Cheng advised people to not only check on the agents’ credentials but their companies too.