Trader reaps lucrative income from online bundle clothing business


KOTA BHARU – “Don’t think bundled goods are worthless,” said Azlamy Afiq Shafie, a 30-year-old bundle clothing entrepreneur who has been involved in the online business for over 10 years since his university days.

Azlamy Afiq, better known as ‘Lammy’ among his friends, said he refutes the scepticism of some who regard bundled clothes as dirty and ugly.

As a bundle trader, he said he always placed great emphasis on the quality and care of the clothing so that they are sold in pristine condition to customers.

“Before I sell my items such as shirts and trousers, I will wash them first to ensure they are free of stains, dirt or dust. I will inspect each piece meticulously and if they are damaged or the colour has run and not suitable for use, I will not sell them,” he told Bernama when met recently.

The Tanah Merah-born trader said although the bundled items are rejected or second-hand clothes, they are priced differently depending on the brands and quality.

“The profit I earned from selling bundled garments online once reached RM5,000 a month. For me, it is a proud achievement as I did not fork out much capital,” he said.

With perseverance and hard work, Azlamy Afiq opened his online bundle business, Lammy Bundle in Kubang Kerian early this year.

“Although the country is still faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, my enthusiasm in this business has never waned. In fact, I am more motivated to succeed while several others in the business have given up.

“I am still actively selling online, besides participating in other online business activities or organisations that can help increase my income,” he added.

He also called on young people, especially graduates and those unemployed to explore or venture into this field of business while waiting for a suitable job.


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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