Minister to raise Kg Baru redevelopment issues in Parliament


FEDERAL Territories (FT) Minister Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim will bring the Kampung Baru Land Act to the Parliament by guaranteeing it as Malay heritage land, following his meeting with the Malay Agricultural Settlement (MAS) on Oct 30.

MAS honorary secretary Shamsuri Suradi told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) this is meant to revoke the current MAS Act-Enactment Malay Agricultural Settlement 1951/1952/1954 which is actually under the Selangor state’s purview.

“The issue of the dissolution of MAS will be reviewed. During the discussion, the Attorney General and FT Ministry said the declaration of WP 1975 clearly states that the status of MAS no longer exists.

“However, that is only their view. We will still stick with our view that legislation needs to be brought to Parliament to be dissolved which does not happen. So, MAS is allowed to operate as usual,” he told TMR.

TMR reported on Oct 21 that the MAS is seeking to meet Shahidan as soon as possible to discuss matters regarding Kampung Baru’s redevelopment plan.

Shamsuri had said the involvement of the FT minister, the Land and Mines Office, the Civil and Shariah Courts, Kuala Lumpur (KL) City Hall, Kampung Baru Development Corp (KBDC) and MAS must be brought together to resolve land issues and maybe then create a workable plan.

Shamsuri had said one of the stumbling blocks to development, the definitive list of owners must be the first priority, beginning with land-owners updating their claims.

“This needs to be mobilised in a certain period until all owners are complete with the latest grants that will facilitate the process of buying and selling or development,” he told TMR last month.

Following the recent meeting, Shamsuddin said he is satisfied with the political will to assist MAS, which has been in charge of overseeing the infrastructural development of Kampung Baru since it was established in 1900 through the Land Code Enactment 1896.

MAS also thanked Shahidan for his willingness to listen to the issues faced by MAS since 2010 until the change from the Barisan Nasional government to Pakatan Harapan administration in 2018.

Shamsuri said it shows a positive meeting in the government’s efforts to redevelop Kampung Baru and the minister, he claimed, had expressed hope that both parties can be together in a win-win situation in which MAS will be brought together in future meetings.

“Among other matters discussed is the cooperation between MAS and KBDC as a smart partnership in line with the government’s intention to develop Kampung Baru where MAS can continue its daily tasks.

“The aid grant that was stopped in 2018 by the KL City Hall will be resumed. Shahidan also agreed to provide assistance from FT Ministry to MAS in order for MAS to be able to function more effectively,” he said.