Johor Port wins the Prime Minister’s Award in AKI 2020


JOHOR Port Bhd has been named the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award – the premier award in the Industrial Excellence Awards (AKI) 2020 organised by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). 

AKI 2020 award is a prestigious recognition to the industry players in Malaysia for excellence in aspects of governance, technology adoption as well as the implementation of effective business strategy in product or services delivery. 

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who presented the award early this week said the company has successfully implemented outstanding business management and strategies. 

Ismail Sabri added that, in line with the green sustainability and growth agenda, the government will strengthen that approach based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) elements. 

“The government is aware that if we intend to increase access to international markets, especially the US and the European Union, our export products must comply with the set ESG standard,” he said in his speech. 

“We will be left behind if we take a lazy and procrastinating attitude in our efforts towards the application of the ESG element,” he added. Also present during the ceremony was its Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Despite the pandemic, Mohamed Azmin noted the corporate sector has also raised awareness on technology and transformed business models based on digital technology to keep pace with the business landscape in a new norm.

MITI reiterates its commitment to continue strengthening the country’s economic fundamentals through the implementation of trade and investment policies that are open, transparent and business-friendly. 

He also welcomes the corporate figures, leaders of industry associations, and chambers of commerce to cooperate with MITI to support placing Malaysia’s economy on a solid footing. 

Overall, out of the 78 companies that took part, 11 awards were given to companies in the manufacturing sector and manufacturing-related services sector. 

The AKI 2020 entries were judged by a panel of judges using the Malaysian Business Excellence Framework (MBEF), which was designed by the Malaysian Productivity Corp, an agency under MITI. 

MBEF is an evaluation framework based on the Framework Business Excellence (BEF) which is globally recognised and adopted by over 83 countries as well as 96 award administrators worldwide. The countries using BEF include Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, European countries and Latin America. 

The evaluation process looked at the leadership aspect, performance of the company through the implementation of business strategies, communication, customer management, governance workforce management as well as operational processes. 

Among other companies listed from the manufacturing sector was Proguard Safety Manufacturing Sdn Bhd as the winner from category one, Fumakilla Malaysia Bhd from category two and UWC Bhd from category three. 

The local company in category one has a sales turnover of less than RM50 million, whereas category two has a sales turnover of between RM50 million and RM100 million, and category three has a sales turnover of more than RM100 million.