Construction sectors should offer more sustainable products, says Schneider Electric


THE need to make buildings more sustainable, resilient, hyper efficient and people centric has never been greater as the construction industry heads into the post-pandemic environment.

Schneider Electric Business, Digital Energy, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei VP Denver Ng said there are two trends that have opened the door for the sector to successfully deliver better buildings.

“By digitising the industry with the Internet of things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence (AI) companies can completely connect with all the systems inside their buildings and get the information they need to build a smarter and more desirable futuristic home is a good plan to recover.

“According to the US environmental protection agency, more than 30% of energy and space are wasted in a building. However, if we utilise technology and IoT, as well as big data and AI to greatly lower operating costs and improve productivity by addressing space management, operational efficiency, and the occupants’ experience in Malaysia,” Ng said at Schneider Electric panel discussion titled Shaping Building of the Future recently.

He added that the arrival of 5G technology will speed up technology advancement, allowing buildings to seamlessly incorporate smart solutions, automation and also will drive productivity with a people centric building.

He also noted that electrification is driving a dramatic shift towards more preferred renewable sources.

“The world is beginning to substitute electric technologies for combustion fuel technology, which is the main driver of global warming with the right design approach and of new or digital and all electric technologies.

“We can meet the needs of the investor developers and building occupants without making trade off buildings functions or practicality,” he added.

He further explained that, innovation in the sectors play a crucial role in both the nation’s economy and environmental health and there is a critical need to adopt building of the future vision for both new and existing needs.