Area less prone to flooding proposed for Lynas waste

Lynas licence has been extended until 2023, says minister


THE proposed area for Lynas’ Permanent Disposal Facility (PDF) in Gebeng, Pahang, has a low risk of flooding, according to a preliminary assessment done on the Radiological Impact Assessment (RIA) report.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba told Parliament yesterday that the preliminary assessment on the report was done due to the risk of flooding near the Gebeng Industrial Estate.

“The PDF has been identified in Gebeng Industrial Estate and is currently in the process of evaluation before being given the approval for construction.

“Based on the preliminary assessment, it is found that the new proposed site for the development of the PDF is classified as a low-risk flood area,” he said yesterday in a response to a question from Bentong MP Wong Tack who asked if the Atomic Licensing Board (AELB) is still committed to its views on immediate evacuation of radioactive waste accumulated at Lynas plant as it is prone to flood.

Dr Adham said the government is still of the view that the evacuation of radioactive waste accumulated at the plant must be done immediately by expediting the development of the PDF.

Before the approval for the construction of the disposal facility is given, the AELB requires two main assessment aspects to be complied with namely the RIA and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

“We are still evaluating the proposed development for the PDF and we have submitted both EIA and RIA to the AELB and environmental department. The evaluation will take two months and we will receive the results in November.

“Lynas licence has also been extended until 2023,” he added.

Responding to a supplementary question from Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh, the minister said the construction site for the PDF in Gebeng was also raised by 5m from sea level, which reduces the risk of flooding.

The PDF in Gebeng would be constructed on 25.25ha of land adjacent to the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant, which is situated about 30m away.