Facebook to invest RM4b to help creators monetise

Some of the proceeds will go into content funding, which aims to encourage creators to produce more authentic contents


FACEBOOK Inc is planning to invest US$1 billion (RM4.15 billion) in programmes to help creators monetise via different features on its platform by the end of next year.

According to Facebook Entertainment Partnership for Indonesia/Malaysia/Pakistan/South Korea director Revie Sylvania, this is their way of supporting creators who have transformed their unique passions into careers.

“We are providing a mix of resources, support creator tools and also many options of monetisation products to help not only emerging, but also well-established creators,” she said during the “Hari Kreator” virtual media briefing yesterday.

She added that the social media giant has been continuously investing in their products and features.

Facebook is always focused on how to develop new ways of giving its users access to the content they love, as well as for the creators to make more creative content.

“We will share more as the programme runs, but some parts of it will go to a bonus programme for selected creators who have already reached a certain milestone using our features or monetisation tools,” Revie said. Some of the proceeds will go into content funding, which aims to encourage creators to produce more authentic contents.

Revie added that Facebook users love watching contents that are entertaining, inspiring and educational, and the company has observed how creators are able to create meaningful interaction with their fans.

“It not only sparks inspiration, but also creates socioeconomic impact to the community.”

She also quoted a report from AnyMind where the number of influencers across Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand has increased by 66% from 100,000 to a million this year.

In another report, CB Insights revealed that the global creator economy hit a record of US$1.3 billion in funding this year alone, nearly three times what it received in 2020.

Facebook and Instagram’s “Hari Kreator” is a virtual event that brings together hundreds of creators and publishers from Indonesia and Malaysia to share stories, experiences, and knowledge.

This is to help creators in these two countries to hone their skills, increase their audience and create a positive economic impact on their communities.

Apart from this initiative, Facebook has also come up with other features to help its creators such as “Stars”, a newly launched fan-based subscription which includes a chat bot.

“We believe enabling the creator community will help the growth of more diverse communities as well, which is part of Facebook’s mission to support all types of creators in helping them to discover new audiences, grow their presence and personal brand,” said Revie, who also gave some tips on how creators can gain more audience.

“There is a lot of opportunity to grow quickly, so you really must choose something that you love and put your heart into it and make as much content as you can and try over and over.

“You judge which style of content works and what does not, and over time your page will grow,” she said.

Joining the session was Indonesian influencer Nazreen Judge, also known as @nazjudge.

“I think it is important to make contents that are shareable, meaning that your friends can post them on their stories, so more people get to see this content and visit your platform whether they follow you or not.

“At least being seen is the first step to get into the bigger market and being consistent is also the key,” she explained.

Nazreen also advised that creators need to be up-to-date with the latest trends that the audience can relate to.