SMEGO to help businesses set up online stores


SMEGO has launched their mobile app to assist businesses in automatically creating an online store and track the necessary data. 

Brands will also be able to automatically set up stores on Lazada and Shopee. 

The service includes a payment gateway which is an I-POS system and opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro SMEs (MSMEs) in training and providing educational material to help them utilise the service and grow their business online at an affordable rate. 

It consists of built-in APIs into the e-commerce platforms that allow it to be a single interface for business owners to manage, track and promote their online store. 

Business owners who are busy can also manage and monitor their online store from their mobile phones so they do not require extra costs for technical experts or software developers. 

SMEGO founder and CEO Datuk Westin Chew (picture) said although everyone feels the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, many SMEs and MSMEs in Malaysia did not have access to the tools and knowledge to help them transition online easily. 

“That’s why we built SMEGO, because we believe that it should be easy for businesses to bring their products online easily. 

“They form the backbone of our economy, so we must be able to provide them with an easy and affordable way to make their business sustainable from now on,” he said. 

SMEGO also launched a crowd-funding campaign through PitchIN to raise funds that would be allocated in expanding the suite of digital services it is offering to SMEs and MSMEs in the country. 

Despite having a lot of grants and existing technology available here to help boost digitalisation, many small businesses find it a challenge to go online due to its complexity of applying them and the high price. 

SMEGO’s initiative is also aligned with the government’s aim in reaching the projected GDP growth of 4.5% to 5.5% from 2021 to 2025, and retain its competitive advantage over neighbouring countries like Vietnam and Indonesia. 

Hascott Group founder Datuk Henry Tay founder said they have been using SMEGO since the MCO to handle both their retail and online store through the platform. 

“It helps us save a lot of time and we can easily upload the product images and start selling faster with our own SMEGO E-store. 

“Payment is almost immediate and it is simple with no hassle,” he said. 

Tay has never found managing both retail and online through a single platform easier. 

SMEGO costs RM89 per month but currently there is a special promotion on their Facebook page where business owners can apply for a RM59 subscription discount coupon and a demo introduction. 

SMEGO currently offers online courses and business training for much-needed entrepreneurs but they are planning to expand their services into loan finances. 

According to Chrysalis beauty transform studio and academy founder Chrysalis Chea, it was a challenge trying to manage multiple online platforms. 

“We are not a big company, so we do not have the staff nor the training to run an online store properly. 

“Thanks to the SMEGO team, we were able to set up and run our online stores from our phones,” she said.