New BMW iX3 set to spur a new EV ownership

by SHAFIQQUL ALIFF / pic source: BMW Malaysia

BMW Malaysia has launched two distinct models of the BMW iX3 the Inspiring and Impressive a mid-sized all-electric sports activity vehicle (SAV) from the next-generation BMW i, as the automaker enters the electric vehicle (EV) space in Malaysia. 

BMW Malaysia, in a statement yesterday, said the mid-sized all-electric SAVs offer guilt-free power, performance and style that is the epitome of sheer electric driving pleasure. 

BMW Group Malaysia MD, Hans de Visser, said the first-ever BMW iX3 is set to spur a new generation of EV owners in Malaysia as the all-electric SAVs presents a wealth of possibilities with its all-rounded qualities in innovation and design language to make the electric premium ownership experience even more enjoyable 

He added that the BMW iX3 variants will offer loyal customers and fans of electric mobility in Malaysia the power of choice without compromising on power, performance or safety. 

The BMW iX3 comes with an efficient electric motor with an 80kWh lithium-ion battery that offers an impressive range of up to 461km supports with direct current fast charging at rates of up to 150kW for 80% charge in 32 minutes, while alternate current charging at up to 11kW is supported via a Type 2 connection for 100% in seven and a half hours.