INSKEN’s DNA biz programme for graduates

Medec is targeting about 2,000 entrepreneurs to join DNA by the 1Q22, says minister


GRADUATES who are still unemployed can venture into entrepreneurship through the National Institute of Entrepreneurship’s (INSKEN) Dropship and Agent (DNA) business programme.

Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar said although the programme targets to train graduates, other groups such as individuals who lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic and those who want to generate more income can also participate.

He noted that his ministry is targeting about 2,000 entrepreneurs to join DNA by the first quarter of 2022 (1Q22).

“INSKEN took smart and precise steps through the organisation of such programmes to help graduates start businesses with low capital to generate income.

“I am confident that with the involvement of the founders together with their successful range of products, we will be able to produce more viable entrepreneurs,” he said in a press conference after officiating the launch of the DNA business programme in Kuala Lumpur (KL) yesterday.

The programme involves four components, namely a two-day Dropship 101 Training to provide an understanding and introduction to the principles of the dropship-and-agent business.

Participants can select to become a dropship entrepreneur from a list of product founders listed through the DNA Marketplace portal on INSKEN’s official website.

DNA also includes a Product Founders Joint Workshop which aims to provide more information on dropship packages offered as well as a digitisation incentive in the form of a subsidy of 50% or a maximum of RM300, which will be borne by INSKEN to help participants pay subscription fees for e-commerce marketing channels such as, OnPay, Ordersini, Yezza and Shoppegram.

Among the companies under the programme are Farm Fresh, which has recorded sales of more than RM133 million; Das Abdul Global Sdn Bhd, which has generated more than RM11 million last year; and SugarBomb, which has generated over RM30 million in annual sales.

The total annual sales of 30 founder products in the programme in 2020 was over RM300 million.

Meanwhile, INSKEN CEO Muhd Firdaus Azharuddin said through the implementation of the DNA programme, INSKEN targets about 50% of the participants who become dropship entrepreneurs to generate a minimum income of RM600 per month.

He added that a total of RM7.2 million in revenue is expected to be generated from entrepreneurs and product founders through DNA.

Additionally, Muhd Firdaus said people who are new to entrepreneurship are encouraged to start a business by becoming a dropship entrepreneur first and understand the ins and outs of businesses to reduce the risk of failure.

He advised that starting out by selling other people’s products is a wise move for entrepreneurs before producing and selling their own.

“At this stage, entrepreneurs can gain as much knowledge, guidance and experience from the founders of local products listed in the DNA business programme.

“These founders are big names in the field of entrepreneurship with an outstanding annual sales volume.

“We hope this will open up opportunities to the public, especially graduates to generate income by selling products which are already stable and well-known in the market,” he noted.

The DNA business programme is the result of cross-agency collaboration under Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative Ministry (Medec), namely Protégé and Tekun.

Protégé and Tekun have been providing their support by organising the programme, with the aim of strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem and generating an optimal national economy.

More information on the DNA business programme can be found through INSKEN’s official website at and INSKEN’s official social media platforms.