MGRC, Medifirst expand genetic screening tests to Indonesia


MALAYSIAN Genomics Resources Centre Bhd (MGRC) has teamed up with Medifirst Sdn Bhd in making its genetic screening tests available in Indonesia.

The partnership will see Medifirst offer MGRC’s genetic screening tests in Indonesia through its extensive network of primary care physicians and specialists in hospitals and medical centres.

MGRC CEO Sasha Nordin said the company will work closely with Medifirst to ensure the delivery of genetic screening tests through the proper professional healthcare channels across Indonesia.

“By identifying possible health risks from the genetic screening results, patients can plan with their doctor on ways to

mitigate the risk of diseases occurring using available prevention, monitoring and treatment options,” he said in a statement last Friday.

This year, MGRC began the development of genetic screening tests for doctors and has since provided genetic insights into hundreds of diseases and traits that generate actionable information and new knowledge in personalised, preventive healthcare.

Meanwhile, Medifirst director Datuk Yap Kon Min said Indonesia has over 2,000 private hospitals, and 9,000 community and general practice clinics.

“More than 100 doctors are waiting to utilise MGRC’s genetic screening tests to help patients make better-informed decisions to safeguard their health,” he said.

MGRC’s genetic screening tests combine cutting-edge genomics knowledge with innovative technologies to identify and assess known genetic markers that have been linked to health risks, such as susceptibility and severity of Covid-19 infection, cancer, cardiovascular disease, developmental disorders in children, and even adverse reactions to prescription medications.

Additionally, genetic screening can also identify traits that may affect the health, wellness and fitness of individuals.

MGRC recently completed its new specialised cell processing laboratory and molecular biology laboratory, and diversified into biopharmaceutical and healthcare services, including the provision of Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell immunotherapy for cancers.