TIMAH: Whisky company did not apply for labelling advice with BKKM

The Food Safety and Quality Division (BKKM) of the Ministry of Health (MOH) said the local company manufacturing ‘Timah’ whisky did not apply for any labelling advice service from the division.

In a statement today, BKKM also stressed that it did not give any approval related to the labelling.

BKKM explained that it offers food labelling advice service to ensure that labels comply with the labelling provisions under the Food Act 1983 and Food Regulations 1985.

“The monitoring of food labelling is done according to the Food Act 1983 and the regulations under it,” the statement read.

It added that Order 18 (1A) of the Food Regulations 1985 did not allow any words that indicate grading, quality or superiority, or other words of the same significance, to be used as a brand name.

“Therefore, brands like ‘Timah’ and ‘Omar’ and others do not reflect grading, quality or superiority, and as such, this matter does not fall under Order 18 (1A),” it said.

Previously Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Idris Ahmad agrees with Penang Mufti Datuk Seri Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor’s call for a local alcoholic beverage company to immediately change its ‘Timah’ brand and the picture used on the bottle.

Idris said such things should not happen as they are provocative while the use of the name could cause confusion to the community and religion.

“We do not agree with the principle of using the ‘Timah’ brand name. What does the company mean by that name? Is there a new normalisation?… this is what we are worried about,” he told reporters on Tuesday. —TMR/ pic by BERNAMA