Educators must adapt to changes to ensure country’s education remains relevant


PUTRAJAYA – Educators must be able to adapt to ensure that the country’s education is always on the right track and remains relevant to the current needs.

Education director-general Datin Seri Nor Zamani Abdol Hamid said the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world and the country had demanded teachers be creative and proactive.

“Therefore, we must ensure that everything that has been planned can materialise. The various existing teaching and learning (PdP) approaches should be able to add value to the home-based Teaching and Learning (PdPR) method.

“This effort can be realised from time to time through the integration of applications that emphasise on the active and comprehensive involvement of students, in line with the second wave of Malaysian Education Quality Standard (SKPMg2),” she said at the closing ceremony of the Putrajaya Education Convention 2021, held online today.

Nor Zamani said the theme for this year’s convention, namely ‘Sharing PdP Best Practices in Empowering Higher Order Thinking Skills (KBAT) under the New Norms’ should be effectively generated to ensure that the quality of teachers and student outcomes can be improved.

She said it was also in line with six students aspirations under the Malaysian Education Blueprint that required each student to be equipped with the knowledge, bilingual proficiency, thinking skills, ethics and spirituality, leadership skills, and national identity.

“In facing the challenges of 21st century education, the pedagogy aspect is one of the important disciplines to ensure that teaching and learning become more effective and meaningful,” she said.

Nor Zamani added the sharing of all forms of knowledge, skills, research findings and innovations by teachers at the Putrajaya Education Convention should be optimally utilised by disseminating them in various platforms for the benefits of students and the world of education in general.

The convention, organised by the Putrajaya Education Department in collaboration with Yayasan Gurun Tun Hussein Onn, aims to create optimal organisational cooperation in improving teaching professionalism, especially in terms of pedagogy and PdPR best practices for teachers.